Vision, Mission & Values


Brand Vision

To be The Preferred Oatmeal Brand

To become the preferred brand and choice for healthy and affordable breakfast meal, allowing global community to enjoy the best of everyday life with a healthy start.

Brand Mission

To produce high quality oatmeal products recognised by international health authorities and market it to every family who wants to benefit from the nutrients and natural goodness of oats for a healthier and progressive life.

  • Be the market leader of oatmeal in all the countries in Middle East within 5 years
  • To obtain regional brand recognition
  • To develop a market where every health conscious household has a pack/ jar of Captain Oats at home.

Our Brand Values


All our products are make with the health and well-being of the end consumer in mind. Our own employees are also encouraged to embody these qualities in their own lives and work.

Courage & Leadership

The Company was founded on these two values and they continue to remind us to always aim for market leadership and continuous improvement.


This means no compromise and a strong commitment to product quality, and accountability to ourselves, our customers and business partners.