About Us


Federal Paint is the first Malaysia aesthetic and protection coating brand established since 1958. Our paint has been applied in millions of homes in Malaysia. We have a wide range of quality paints and coatings that caters to the needs of the industry and consumers at competitive pricing. The quality paints and coatings are formulated to ease the application works both consumers who prefer “Do It Yourself” home improvement concept and coating projects contractors.

Delivering excellent quality paints and coating plus ensuring customer’s satisfaction are Federal Paint’s brand promises. Our commitment is demonstrated through the strong quality management system implementation, and continuous research and development to develop the best paints and coating in the industry.

Our products are certified by SIRIM, Eco Label, and with quality management of ISO 9001:2008. We are also supported by a wide network of distributors and dealers throughout Malaysia and the brand is also present in the ASEAN region.

Painting with Federal Paint comes with great enjoyment as we understand what the community – the locals’ needs and wants. This is what made Federal Paint as “The Smarter Community Choice”





Ready to undertake important responsibilities, new challenges, roles or projects.


Full of energy, bringing innovation to life as with the colors of paint.


At Federal Paint, we together with all our team members are committed and passionate towards attainment of our Brand Mission:-
  • All the products produced have to pass or even surpass the international certification standards & guidelines.

  • Be a responsible corporate citizen who cares for the environment through attainment of ISO 14000 by year 2015.

  • To achieve less than 2% product rejection or return rate.

  • To extend the dealers network in Malaysia (direct or indirect) to 2,000 and above in 3 year’s time.

  • Opening up at least one (1) new foreign market every year (by country or regional states of country).

  • To be recognised as the fast growing and award winning brand in Malaysia with at least one (1) reputable national level award every year.


We strive to be the South East Asian (ASEAN) most COMPETITIVE and PREFERRED paint brand from Malaysia.